As moms, we know we’re right about everything. We’re just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.  I’m joking (kind of), but seriously, we love who we are as moms and what we do as moms, but goodness, it can be tiring, stressful, and downright frustrating sometimes!

all things mom

I hear ya, I feel ya, I SEE ya.  I created the All Things Mom Therapy & Support Group to give us moms a place to vent, express ourselves, brainstorm, and learn together in a warm, safe, and nonjudgmental environment.  No mom is exactly the same, but we share a common goal of protecting and loving our children unconditionally.  This therapy group is open to moms of all kinds – BioMoms, Step/Bonus Moms, and Foster Moms are welcomed.

Group Themes:

  • Mindful choices as a mother
  • Self-Compassion and self-care while mommin’
  • Body changes through motherhood
  • When our kid(s) piss us off!
  • Am I doing any of this right? Tackling shame while mommin’

This is a 6 week therapy group.

Come join me Saturdays from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM.  Cost is $30 per group session, or if paid in full upfront, pay only $170 ($10 off).  Space is limited to 6 participants.  If interested, please use the contact form on this website to sign up or to request more information.