I’m Eutoka;

A Black, cis-gender female, Humanist, friendly neighborhood kindness warrior, U.S. Army Veteran, self-proclaimed goofball, over thinker, LGBTQI2S+ advocate, fan of swear words, logophile, and believer in authenticity.

My Story:

I was a nerd throughout my childhood and adolescence and that quirkiness that once was a stage for being bullied is now a welcomed and familiar friend in my everyday life. I am a biological mother and a bonus/step mother, raising a total of five children with my husband. As a blended family, we’ve learned that different cultures and races can live harmoniously in the same home (not perfect, but harmonious) while navigating the expectations and stereotypes of today’s society. I love my team, and they love me.

I consider myself a recovering perfectionist. It was something about having things “perfectly” in place that brought me a sense of comfort. As I continue to grow as a human being, I find that being perfect is not a requirement for being human.

I became a mental health counselor/therapist as an extension to filling the shoes of serving. There’s just something about being with my client where they are and being with them when they reach their own stage of personal fulfillment….sigh….all I can say, it’s good stuff.