It’s Halloween, Damnit!

Happy Halloween Awesome Humans!

Our little Halloween homie – the kids set this up.

On days like this, it only feels appropriate to tap into our pockets of joy.  It’s Halloween, damnit!  Costumes, treats, playing pretend – OH MY! 

Adults and kids alike can use their imagination, in public, and likely receive less judgment than any other day of the year. 

So with that said, I’m curious: how will you incorporate pockets of joy into your life today?

I introduced pockets of joy in my blog Finding Comfort in the Chaos, in which it’s a way of:

  • Recognizing nothing is 100%, or permanent
  • Allowing ourselves to be in the moment (not worrying about the past or future)
  • Accessing our inner child
  • Allowing our inner child to guide our joy (who cares how old you are)

How do I plan on incorporating pockets of joy today?

My inner child says, “LAUGH”.  Humor is one hell of a medicine.  Even on the shittiest days, I think of crap like:

My daughter coming into the house from school asking, “whatcha cookin’, good lookin’?”;
Or the air hugs she must have if we aren’t in the same room;
Or my son’s ability to hear an accent once, and mirror it to perfection;
Or my other son’s uncanny ability to insert shit jokes into any conversation;
Or how all of my kids are like those stinking sour patch kids candies in the commercial (“sour, then sweet”);

And so much more. 

I choose to find moments – pockets – that give me joy.  It’s not always easy, and good grief if it isn’t perfect, but happiness and joy are not a destination.  It’s a thing we continuously seek to experience, and we can make this a part of who we are.  As deeply as we believe we are humans, we can also believe we deserve joy.

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