My Fresh Start

I hit a rough patch…in life…in general.  I knew that I needed a fresh start, but was afraid of what that would look like.  Yesterday, I woke up early and decided that I would get my butt into gear and completely redo my website.  I yearned to have something reflective of my personality, my quirkiness, and my imperfections.  I was afraid of showing the world this before, because hell, I’m a therapist, so I am supposed to have all my crap together, right?

Obviously, I don’t and I thought that was what made me a completely horrible therapist.  But the truth is, being imperfect doesn’t make me a horrible therapist at all.  It actually helps me see my clients clearer – through fresh lenses.  Just like the moment I put on my progressive lenses for the first time at the eye glasses store (yes, I look young but I wear progressive lenses because I can’t see crap), I can see my clients much, much clearer.  I can sit in their worry from a place of “I hear you” and “I get it”, because I truly do.

So my friends, here’s to fresh starts.  I have a lot of work to do to build this site back up, but I am not afraid.  I am OK with everyone seeing a site in progress, a woman in progress, a wife in progress, a mom in progress.  I am OK with all of that.

I’m in for helping you navigate life because I am navigating just the same.


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