My Fresh Start

I hit a rough patch…in life…in general.  I knew that I needed a fresh start, but was afraid of what that would look like.  Yesterday, I woke up early and decided that I would get my butt into gear and completely redo my website.  I yearned to have something reflective of my personality, my quirkiness, and my imperfections.  I was afraid of showing the world this before, because hell, I’m a therapist, so I am supposed to have all my crap together, right?

Obviously, I don’t and I thought that was what made me a completely horrible therapist.  But the truth is, being imperfect doesn’t make me a horrible therapist at all.  It actually helps me see my clients clearer – through fresh lenses.  Just like the moment I put on my progressive lenses for the first time at the eye glasses store (yes, I look young but I wear progressive lenses because I can’t see crap), I can see my clients much, much clearer.  I can sit in their worry from a place of “I hear you” and “I get it”, because I truly do.

So my friends, here’s to fresh starts.  I have a lot of work to do to build this site back up, but I am not afraid.  I am OK with everyone seeing a site in progress, a woman in progress, a wife in progress, a mom in progress.  I am OK with all of that.

I’m in for helping you navigate life because I am navigating just the same.


One thought on “My Fresh Start

  1. I think it’s one of the best therapist sites I’ve seen. Most just use the psycjology today or Is news and world report list, or their insurance therapist list. So your site is amazing. I can personally say that you are one of the sweetest, empathic, kind, cool under pressure, and are usually smiling more than anyone I have known. You are one of those people that I always thought were (no offense) not using all of the skills and qualities you have doing IT work and although we all loved being around your positivity and thoughtfulness, I felt like you were given the skills and abilities and were born to do something like this. You’re doing so great, all your coworkers knew you would! -TheGingerWithALimp

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